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I am a programmer working with Rust in the crypto industry.

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GPG Key: A6C20D0C2AD838F949070EA3A52D68794EBED758


26 Apr 2024 RSS/Atom Feed Reader in BASH!
21 Apr 2024 My New SSG and Blog
10 Apr 2024 Distro-Hopping from Arch to Gentoo
12 Jan 2024 The Open Source Influencer
10 Jan 2024 My Return to a Custom Neovim Config
11 Dec 2023 A Late Start in Computer Programming


ARM Assembly Language with Hardware Experiments A textbook that I co-authored.
Arctic 7 Controls Simple CLI to control Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless headset.
dotris A ncurses Tetris clone using Braille characters.
tiny A terminal IRC client that I contributed to.
roxt A toy interpreter and compiler written in Rust from the book Crafting Interpreters.
poogo The static-site generator used to make this site.

All my other side projects can be found on github